Why the BCA (Building Code of Australia) require a Termite Prevention System in all new building work and why this affects you

Why the BCA (Building Code of Australia) require a Termite Prevention System in all new building work and why this affects you

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It is estimated that the cost of repairs and removal of termites costs Australian households over $1.5 billion dollars per year. Experts say that over one third of Australian properties have termites within the boundaries and over two thirds of houses will have a termite problem at some stage. Termites are a massive issue in mainland Australia.

The BCA (Building Code of Australia) require every new building (house, townhouse, garage, carport, pergola) to have a termite prevention system in place. It is specifically mentioned in Australian Standard 3660.1 – 2014 Termite Management – New Building Work.

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Who organises this if I’m building a new home?”

Chemical barrier – this is typically done by installing a chemical reticulation system under the slab and around the perimeter of the building. The chemicals just get replenishes when they run out. A chemical termite barrier can be installed on old houses and is an effective termite prevention strategy.

Metal Flashing – metal flashing is installed around the perimeter of the building. It won’t prevent termites from entering your building but it will force them into the open where they can be detected. Termites do everything they can to stay concealed to avoid detection. The flashing forces the to lose their cover. For this strategy you need an exposed slab edge.

Graded Stone – graded stone is a layer of granite particles that form a layer under the slab (or just around the perimeter) to create a barrier. The granite particles are then compacted so there’s not enough space for termites to crawl through and the particles are too hard for them to eat.

Stainless Steel Mesh – this works similarly to the graded stone. A layer of steel mesh is placed under the entire slab or around the perimeter. The mesh is too fine for termites to crawl through and too tough to eat through.

Concrete Slab – If your slab is build within BCA Standards AS 2870- 2011 Residential Slabs and Footings Construction and AS 3600.1 – 2014 Concrete Structures, then your slab will qualify as a termite barrier.

Who organises this if I’m building a new home?

If you have a builder then your builder will take care of this (it will be included in your quote).

Ok, so how does this affect me?

If you’re building a house, then it doesn’t. Your licensed builder builds to the BCA standards and your new house has a certified termite prevention system. But what if you’re not building a house? Well, you’re at risk. The statistics around the percentages of houses with termite problems is so high that the BCA now makes it mandatory to put in a termite prevention system for all new buildings.

This tells us that on an old home, the best termite strategy you can have is a termite preventions strategy.


Yep. An annual inspection is an absolute bare minimum in termite strategies. Going without a strategy is not only statistically a huge risk, but the potential financial loss is massive. Without a doubt, the people who know the numbers (The BCA) know the problem is that bad that they have made a termite prevention mandatory.

If you’re building a new home, just talk to your builder. They will be across it and can put you at ease. If you have an old home and can see the risk by not having a termite prevention strategy, then reach out to Sunshine Coast Pest either via Phone or by filling out our Quote Request Form.

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