Sunshine Coast Pest and the region’s leading providers of termite inspections. A termite inspection is an assessment to determine if your property has active termites. A Termite Inspection is different to Termite Prevention in that a Termite Inspection just checks if you have an active case of termites whereas Termite Prevention involves putting a barrier in place to prevent termites. Termite Prevention obviously costs more but at the same time guarantees no termites. A Termite Inspection allows you to identify if you have a termite problem so you can treat it before the termites cause expensive structural damage. You can read more about Termite Prevention here. Termite Treatment refers to treatment of a live termite infestation. You can read about Termite Treatment here.

When should you get a Termite Inspection?

  • Annually on your home or investment property
  • Any time you make an offer to buy a property or before you attend an auction that you intend to bid. Click here for information on Pre-purchase Pest Inspections

Why should I get an Annual Termite Inspection?

In a nutshell, because if you do have a termite problem in your home then you can identify it and treat it before any expensive structural damage is done. Termites are hard to spot and home owners are unlikely to spot them until either something drastic happens or a pest control expert inspects the property. If you don’t get regular inspections then you will be very unlikely to know if you have a problem and by the time you find out it could be too late. Structural damage is not only costly but it often creates inconvenience and upheaval for residents.

Why wouldn’t I just get Termite Prevention?

Well we think you should but it is more expensive and some people just want to take the calculated risk of an annual Termite Inspection. We at Sunshine Coast Pest think annual termite inspections are a bare minimum in mitigating your risk of potential huge repair costs. A Termite Prevention goes to the next level and guarantees you will not have a termite attack. You can read more about Termite Prevention here.

What does a Termite Inspection involve?

Our experienced termite experts will visit your property and go through our specially developed “Sunshine Coast Pest Termite Inspection Checklist” to identify any active termite activity, past termite damage, as well as identifying risks as well as advising measures to either reduce or remove those risks. We will then put this in a comprehensive report.

Booking a Termite Inspection

If you need a termite inspection because you’re purchase property on the Australian mainland then make sure you get the timing right. If you’re going to auction the make sure you get the inspection before you attend the auction. If you’re buying through private treaty then only get a termite inspection AFTER your offer has been accepted but BEFORE the cooling off period ends. Make sure you leave enough time for the pest control company to schedule the inspection as well as time to prepare the report.

Sunshine Coast Pest have decades of experience as well as local knowledge on the Sunny Coast. For a no obligation discussion or quote you can contact us by phone or fill out the QUOTE Request Form.