Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection

Sunshine Pest is one of the most reputed pest control companies that provide termite inspection services on the Sunshine Coast and the surrounding areas. Our termite inspection program is a procedure to determine the presence of active termites. A termite inspection is different to that of termite prevention. Termite inspection reveals the structural damages caused by the termites, whereas termite prevention involves putting barriers to prevent termites.

Termite prevention costs more but guarantees no termites in the property. A Termite Inspection identifies the source of your unwanted guests and treats before the occurrence of structural damage. We also offer exclusive pest control services at affordable rates.

When Is The Best Time For Termite Inspection Service?

Termites and other pests can cause hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property damage every year in Sunshine Coast, Australia. Unfortunately, most of the expense is not covered by regular home insurance. So, you can hire a termite inspection service annually on your home or investment property. You can also hire us for a pre-purchase termite inspection.

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Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection

Do you want to purchase a property on the Sunshine Coast? If it is your PPOR ((primary place of residence) or an IP (investment property) you should select pre-purchase pest inspection for termites. The risk of a termite infestation anywhere near coastal mainland Australia is high. Anytime you purchase land on the Sunshine Coast, having a pre-purchase termite inspection is necessary.

Termites, Termite Inspections, And Termite Control On Sunshine Coast

Each year more damage is done to properties in Sunshine Coast by termites than both fires and storms combined. If you suspect termites do not disturb them – the situation might get worse! Call Sunshine Pest specialists to conduct a full termite inspection and offer the ultimate solutions to protect your home. We carry the necessary tools and expertise to eradicate termites and cockroaches at your location and to ensure that it remains pest-free.

When Should You Get An Annual Termite Inspection?

If you have a termite problem in your home then you must treat it before any expensive structural damage is done. Termites are hard to spot and if you don’t get an annual termite inspection service they will start damaging your belongings and the entire structure. Structural damage is not only costly but also creates inconvenience and upheaval for residents. We have decades of experience as well as local knowledge on annual termite inspection.

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What Does A Termite Inspection Service Involve?

Our experienced termite exterminators will visit your property for an ultimate pest inspection service. Then we go through our specially developed “termite inspection checklist” to determine the presence of active termites, past termite damage, structural damage, and also identify the potential risks in future. We also provide essential advice on either reducing or removing those risks. We will then put all the details in a comprehensive report.

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Get Guaranteed Pest Inspection

We use cutting-edge technology to guarantee 100% satisfaction to all our clients. Our termite inspection professionals can work as per your schedule to ensure you get top-rated service and commitment that we are known for and are proud of. Contact us and find out how our experts can help you. We will help you keep your property free of termites with our termite inspection, prevention, and treatment services.

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If you need a termite inspection because you are looking forward to purchasing a property on Sunshine Coast then make sure you get the property checked. If you are going to an auction, a termite inspection is necessary before attending the auction. If you are buying through a private treaty then choose termite inspection AFTER the offer gets accepted but BEFORE the ending of the cooling period. You should also provide us with enough time to schedule the inspection and prepare a report. Our experienced team have been working in the Sunshine Pest area for years. We love to see our clients happy. You can directly call us by phone or fill out our quote request form with relevant details. We will reach you shortly.