The best way to deal with termites on the Sunshine Coast is to put a termite prevention strategy in place. Over the 20 years that Sunshine Coast Pest have been working in the region, this is the best strategy. Getting an annual termite inspection is cheap but it is a reactive strategy. It won’t reduce the chances of getting a termite infestation, it will just mitigate the damage if you do get termites inside your house. A termite prevention strategy will guarantee that termite do not get into your property.

Termites are a huge problem on mainland Australia. They are found everywhere but are more prevalent near the coast and even more prevalent on the Queensland Coast due to moist soil conditions. Data shows that at least one in three residential land blocks in Australia has active termites and that two thirds of houses will have a termite problem at some stage over their lifetime. Those are astounding statistics. So astounding the BCA (Building Code of Australia) has put in clauses that all new buildings in Australia must have a termite prevention system in order to pass certification. That speaks volumes about how crucial it is to protect your home or investment property with a termite prevention system.

What is Termite Prevention?

It’s the installation of either a chemical, physical, or hybrid barrier that prevents termites from entering your home. New buildings tend to use chemical barriers and physical barriers such as stainless steel wire mesh, graded stone or metal flashing. Stainless steel wire mesh and graded stone are inserted as layer under the slab. Termite can’t permeate these so they’re stopped from getting to your home. Metal flashing is so much a preventative, it just forces the termites into the open so they can be seen entering your home and you can take appropriate action. These physical barriers cannot be retro-fitted to your home.

Pre-existing homes tend to use a chemical barriers because of the inability for physical barriers to be installed. A chemical barrier is essentially a reticulation system that releases chemicals underground around the perimeter of your home. It slowly releases chemicals to form a barrier and needs to be refilled at pre-determined intervals to maintain the integrity of the barrier.

Can termite barriers be breached?

Only if the barrier has been compromised. When you have a termite barrier installed it will come with a warranty and set of conditions. As long as you don’t do anything to create gaps in the barrier then you will be under warranty.

How much does a chemical barrier cost?

It depends on the size of the property and access to the perimeter of the building. There’s typically three options when it comes to a termite strategy on the Sunshine Coast; a) do nothing and hope you don’t get termites. You save yourself some money but if you get termites you might not know until after they have caused structural damage leaving you significantly out of pocket, b) get a yearly inspection and only react if you get termites inside your home. This is a bare minimum strategy. Relatively cheap, does come with some risk but that is mitigated because you will identify a problem before structural damage is caused, and c) a termite barrier. More expensive but guarantees no termite damage and the longer you have it for, the more the cost is spread.

How do I find out what is best for me?

If you’re tossing up between which termite strategy is best for you then one of our experts at Sunshine Coast Pest is happy to talk to you. We can provide some options and some sound advice on the best way to protect your home. You can reach out now to us via Phone or fill out our Quote Request Form.