A termite treatment needs to be used if you have active termites inside your home. You will need to treat them as soon as possible before they can cause any structural damage. Termites are very shy insects and go to great lengths to avoid being visible. They nest and travel underground or inside timber where they can’t be seen. On occasions they do travel above ground so they build mud tubing to conceal themselves. Because they’re so stealthy they could be in your home for years before you learn they are there. If you do find them then we can roughly tell how long they have been there based on how big and hard any subnests are and how much damage they have made.

What do I do if I discover I have active termites?

You should call Sunshine Coast Pest immediately! Maybe it was us that identified you have a live termite problem, or maybe you found out by other means and if this is the case you need to get some pest control experts over to make a full assessment.

What will Sunshine Coast Pest do?

We have a specific process check sheet we follow to make sure we are thorough and don’t miss anything. We will need to identify;

  • What species is present
  • Where they’re entering from – usually the nest is not under your house and could be up to 100 meters away
  • How much damage you have
  • Whether or not there is structural damage
  • The best method and process to eradicate them and prevent them from returning

Our process in a termite treatment is as follows;

  • A full inspection of your entire property to find out where they are. Often they will be found in more than one location. We check the roof space, sub-floor, walls, door and window frames, garden etc
  • We’ll determine where they are entering your home
  • We will kill live termites and remove any sub-nests
  • We will advise of any damage and potential structural damage
  • We’ll put an appropriate treatment in place. This will include baits and a chemical barrier. If your house is on top of a rock shelf meaning the chemical barrier can’t absorb into the soil then we will use an alternate method which is similarly effective.
  • We’ll provide a treatment plan that will include regular checks to make sure the treatment and barrier is working

What do I do next?

You need to get Sunshine Coast Pest around straight away to inspect your home, assess the situation and provide a no obligation quote outlining a treatment plan and associated cost. Our experienced team have been working in the Sunshine Coast area for over 20 years so have local knowledge and experience allowing us to advise of the best and most cost effective solution to treating live termites.

If you have an active termite problem then reach out to Sunshine Coast Pest. You can call us direct by phone or fill out our Quote Request Form. We will remove your termites and protect your home.