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About Us

Our Mission

At Sunshine Pest, our team comes with over two decades of experience in the pest control industry on the Sunshine Coast. That is why we know how destructive termites or white ants can be. While many pests can be treated comparatively easily, cheaply, they really don’t cause as costly damage to your property as termites do. However, wherever white ant infestations occur, our exterminators go and treat them quite safely and effectively.

As far as termite damage is concerned, the property damage can be restored by a cheap cosmetic repair or expensive structural repair. At Sunshine Pest, our mission is to aid the pest problems while educating the local residents about protecting their property with appropriate termite prevention strategies. 

Our Process

We take pride in our over two decades of experience in the Sunshine Coast pest control industry. We have developed our quality control checklists for every type of pest that helps us solve your pest problem efficiently. Besides our experience and local knowledge, we also have set a standard of quality control which is quite unmatched. And this is how we always assure complete customer satisfaction.

When people come to us for a solution, we visit their problem site and after a thorough evaluation, we offer customised advice to deal with the specific risks. We assess the relevant pros and cons of different strategies and proceed accordingly. If you have an active termite problem, we will remove them while developing a customised strategy to prevent another attack.

Our Team

For quality control, we only recruit the best pest control professionals on the Sunshine Coast. All our hand-picked experts are well trained, background checked, highly experienced and knowledgeable. From the first-stage infestations to mature ones – our exterminators can remove the pests quite effectively. Also, our team members are courteous, punctual and we simply enjoy solving people’s pest problems. Our staff members are really proud of being some of the best exterminators in the area.

Therefore, if you are looking for trusted and highly experienced exterminators who could offer fast, safe, effective, and affordable solutions, come and deal with us. Call us to book a service or to book an expert consultation.

Why Choose Us

Do you have pest problems on your property? No matter the type and stage, we can solve it for you. Since we have decades of experience, there is hardly any pest problem that we haven’t come across and solved. In other words, there is no such pest problem that we can’t fix. We have complete knowledge of the industry we are associated with. From termite infestations, cockroach infestations, general pest problems, or something most serious like mice, rats or even a bird problem, we can solve the problems.

When you get in touch with us, we’ll get you a quote and advice on a tailored extermination strategy. While some pest problems need a once-off visit, some need two (German cockroaches and nesting ants) and some may require a consistent treatment strategy (termites).

We offer upfront pricing. And we always customise a solution depending on your very problem. Thus, we make sure you’re getting the most appropriate solution without paying for any unnecessary service.

Contact us today to have an obligation-free chat or you can also fill out our Quote Request Form.

Guaranteed Pest Control

We provide complete post pest control reports with all our services. For a property pre-purchase report, we itemise every termite activity if there is any, the past termite damage, the ongoing risks, and actions to mitigate these risks. For active pest infestation problems, in the initial quote, we clearly outline the number of visits required to completely eradicate the problem. We also attend all follow up inspections or treatment appointments to make sure you are absolutely pest free even long after.

All our works are guaranteed. This might vary depending on the type of pest problem and the other associated circumstances. We have a long list of happy customers and we take pride in that. Call us to know more or to book an expert consultation.