Pest Control Services


Pest Control Services

Sunshine Pest is a leading pest control company offering a wide range of pest control services on the Sunshine Coast and its surrounding areas. We offer comprehensive and tailored solutions for all kinds of pest problems. Our skilled and experienced professionals are known for delivering fast and effective treatment for all pests, be they termites or ants. We understand pests, their characteristics, and how to get rid of them. So, contact us today to avoid nasty pest infestations at home.

Tailored Pest Treatments

General Pest Control Services
  • Silverfish
  • Carpet beetles
  • Webbing spiders
  • Wasp nests
  • Cockroaches (apart from German cockroaches)

If your home is infested with any of these pests, we can remove them in one visit. However, ants and German cockroaches require two treatments. So, they aren’t included in our general pest control services.

Treating Nesting Ants

Small mounds of dirt on your backyard or against the wall, dirt particles inside the home, trails of ants are some signs of an ant infestation. Ant infestations can quickly get out of control. They can damage the wiring in your home and contaminate your food. So, it will be best to call us as soon as possible.

To successfully remove ants from your home, we will first determine what species of ant you have. We may take a look at the type of food they are feeding on or their trails to determine their kind. After that, we will follow up with a treatment plan. It may take two visits to get the job done most efficiently.

Cockroach Treatment Plan

With our years of experience, we have learned how cockroaches act, invade, reproduce, and become an infestation before anyone knows it. So, our experts have developed the most effective treatment plan designed to fix all cockroach problems. We will make sure that we don’t just remove them for now but block their way of coming back.

If you have a normal cockroach infestation, you can book our general pest treatment services to get rid of them. However, if it’s German cockroaches, you will need a follow-up treatment. Often, insecticides can’t infiltrate cockroach eggs. So, we advise a return visit after the eggs hatch to prevent any potential cockroach infestation.

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

Pest inspections can drastically affect the value of a property. General pest infestations are pretty inexpensive and simple to fix. But termites infestations can become a headache for homeowners. It can turn your dream home into your biggest nightmare and cost you thousands of dollars. And that’s why conducting pre-purchase pest inspection is essential. It will let you know the condition of the existing pest issues of your home and help you negotiate a better deal.

We have an experienced team and advanced tools to help you get a termite inspection before buying property on the Sunshine Coast. We offer affordable rates with no hidden charges, so give us a call now!

Advanced Termite Treatment

We offer three different treatment plans to fight the most destructive termites on the Sunshine Coast.

  • Termite Inspection – Our termite inspection plan is ideal for when you only want to detect if you have active termite issues. For instance, when you don’t have a termite barrier or you are buying a new property.

  • Termite Prevention – Our experts will put an insecticide barrier around your new property and prevent any termite from entering it. We can top up the insecticide every year to maintain the protection and prevent structural damage.

  • Termite Treatment – This plan is suitable for active termite problems. We use industry-leading solutions for treating termites. So, you can trust us to get rid of them efficiently once and for all and save you all the stress.

Our Other Pest Treatment Services

We can also help protect your home from other pests.

  • Rats And Mice
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bird Control

Rats and mice can be highly destructive. They spread harmful diseases, damage electric cables, furniture, and much more. Plus, they breed extremely fast. Luckily, you have us. Our experts will provide a thorough, targeted, and effective plan to get rid of them in no time.

We also offer treatment plans for removing bed bugs. Bed bugs can be hard to see, but our experienced professionals can easily recognize their signs. We will conduct a thorough inspection and create a treatment plan accordingly.

Sunshine Pest can also help you out if you have pest birds making a mess on your property. Our experts know how to remove birds without hurting them physically. We will help you select the correct bird control method according to your needs.

At Sunshine Pest, we strive to make every home safe and free from any harmful pest through our quality services. We make thorough pest removal, treatment, and prevention plans based on your unique requirements. If you have any queries about us, feel free to contact us or request a quote now!