Pest Control Services


The experienced team at Sunshine Coast Pest offers a comprehensive range of pest control solutions. If you have a pest problem, we can get rid of it. If you have need a property pre-purchase pest inspection, we can do it. If you need a preventative termite barrier for your home or investment property then we can do it. If you have a termite problem we can treat it. Our professional team can deal with any pest problem on the Sunshine Coast.

Pest Treatments

  • General Pests
    • Cockroaches (excluding German Cockroaches)
    • Webbing spiders
    • Silverfish
    • Wasp nests
    • Carpet beetles

These are typically a single visit treatment. Ants and German cockroaches require two treatments so are not included in a general pest treatment.

  • Nesting Ants

Nesting ants are two-visit treatment. We have to determine what species it is first, treat it, and then do a follow up treatment. Different species of ants eat different types of food so once we know what species we’re dealing with, we’ll know how to treat it.

  • Cockroaches

Normal cockroaches are included in a general pest treatment, however if they are German cockroaches there will need to be a follow up treatment. Insecticides are unable to infiltrate cockroach eggs so a return visit is needed for once the eggs hatch that were present at the first treatment.

  • Pre-purchase pest inspection

When you buy a property on the Sunshine Coast you should always make the contract subject to a pest inspection. If the property you have made an offer on either has extensive termite damage or even worse, an active termite problem, it could drastically alter the value of the purchase. A general pest problem won’t really matter – it will typically be easy and relatively cheap to fix. a termite problem however, is a different story. It could potentially cost you thousands or even tens of thousands to rectify.

We absolutely recommend getting a termite inspection prior to purchasing property on the Sunshine Coast.

  • Termites

We have three different types of termite services;

  • Termite Inspection – this is just to inspect whether there are any termite present. A termite inspection is strongly advised when purchasing property on the Sunshine Coast. It is also recommended that if you don’t have a termite barrier on your home or investment property then the next best thing is an annual termite inspection so if a problem does arise, you can treat it early
  • Termite Prevention – this is when we put an insecticide barrier around your property thereby preventing termite getting to your building. Every year you just top up the insecticide.
  • Termite Treatment – this is used if you discover you have active termite activity. You need to get rid of them before more damage is caused.


Other Pest Treatments

  • Bed Bugs
  • Rats and mice
  • Bird Control


If you have a pest problem on the Sunshine Coast then get in contact with us at Sunshine Coast Pest. We’re an experienced team local on the Sunny Coast and can provide an obligation free quote. You can reach us direct via phone, or fill out our Quote Request Form.