Pre Purchase Pest Inspection

Pest Inspection Before Purchasing a Property

Do you want to purchase a property in the Sunshine Coast area? Be it your PPOR (primary place of residence) or an IP (investment property) – You will have to get a Pre-purchase Pest Inspection for termites. The Pre-purchase Pest Inspection is usually done for detecting termite infestation. And investing in such services absolutely makes sense.

Termites infestation means there is a 100% chance it will cause more or less structural as well as superficial damage on the property. This is why while all the other pests don’t have the ability to cause structural damage and are relatively easy and inexpensive to treat, fighting termites often becomes really heavy on the pocket. To book a pre-purchase termite inspection, contact us.  

Save Money With Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection

Even though other pests usually don’t really impact the value of the home, active termites can considerably affect the value of the property. Also, it will increase the repair bills. While there’s no such law anywhere in Australia to opt for a pre-purchase termite inspection, it will be a foolish act not to go for this. Investing in such a service Sunshine Coast will be absolutely worth the money.

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Reduce the Repair Bill

If you’re considering spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on a property, going for a pre-purchase pest inspection absolutely makes sense. And that will surely pay you off in the long run. It will save you a huge repair bill that termite infestation could cause you. Therefore, consider including this smart expense in the standard cost of purchasing a property.

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On the Sunshine Coast and anywhere near coastal mainland Australia, the risk of a termite infestation is really high. Therefore, any time you buy a property on the Australian mainland, the risk of having active termites on the lot, in the actual home, or sometimes, past termite damage is not at all unusual. That is why always look for termite infestation in the property you want to buy on Sunshine Coast.

Avoid Threefold Coast Associated With Termite Infestation

Buying a property that has active termites entails a threefold cost. Firstly there will be the cost of having a pest control expert coming up and determining the dimension of the damage. The Sunshine Pest experts will come and find the exact places of termite infestation. And we will also tell you whether cosmetic repairs or structural repairs will be required. The second cost is associated with the actual repairs. If you have any confusion regarding our services, please let us know.

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Save On Repair Bills

While the cosmetic repairs are reasonably cheap, the structural damage will cost you a hefty amount. When it comes to the third cost associated with termite damage, it is actually the reduced value of your property. That clearly means, if you’ve bought the property without doing a pre-purchase pest inspection, maybe it is not at all worth that much money.

Even if you think you will fix the damage later, it will ultimately turn up in reports when you sell the property. Thus, this will also reduce the value of the selling price.

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When to get a Pre-purchase Pest Inspection?

Well, that actually depends on whether you are buying it via private treaty or auction. If you’re buying it by private treaty, you will need to make an offer where you will add a clause that the offer is subject to a pest inspection. If you are buying it through an auction, you will need to organise a pest inspection before attending the auction

Call A Pest Control Expert

If you’re thinking about purchasing a house or investment property in Sunshine Coast and you want to get a pre-purchase pest inspection, contact the team at Sunshine Pest. You can call us directly or fill out our quote request form.

Whether you are buying it by private treaty or you are buying it through an auction, we will make sure that the property is worth the money. You can fully trust us because we have years of experience in the business. And all our services are affordably priced

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