There’s not a lot of good things to say about cockroaches so let’s get that out of the way first. Cockroaches are an integral part of the ecosystem for three main reasons; they are food for some animals, they transport pollen so help with plant reproduction, and they help break down waste from other animal thereby releasing nitrogen into the soil.

So like every organism, they have a purpose and they contribute to Earth’s ecosystem. But they’re hideous creatures. Fortunately, 99.7% of cockroaches live away from humans and outside homes so when you eradicate cockroaches from your home, you are not unbalancing Earth’s ecosystem. The world will be fine without the cockroaches in your home.

Health Hazards created by cockroach infestations

Cockroaches spread bacteria around your home and can trigger allergies such as hay fever and asthma. They have also been found to carry salmonella and can cause dysentery. Most people want them out of their home because they look hideous but if you have an infestation they can create health problems.

Types of cockroaches

There’s approximately 450 species of cockroach in Australia. The main types found in Australian homes are the Australian Cockroach, the American Cockroach, and the German Cockroach. Less common is the Oriental Cockroach, the Brown Banded Cockroach, and the Smoky Brown Cockroach.

German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches (Blattella germanica) are the hardest to get rid of. The other species will be eradicated after one visit from Sunshine Coast Pest. German Cockroaches typically take two treatments because there are no insecticides that can infiltrate the egg casings of German Cockroaches so any eggs present at the time of the first treatment will hatch soon after.

Why cockroach bombs are ineffective for German cockroaches

The main reason why is the gas can’t get to where German Cockroaches hide. Cockroaches are nocturnal and they live where you can’t see them. They live in cracks and crevices and on the underside of surfaces and cabinets. German Cockroaches don’t congregate in the middle of your kitchen floor or on your bench tops where the majority of the cockroach bomb gas lands. Cockroach bombs just don’t go deep enough to the places where cockroaches live.

Other shortcomings of cockroach bombs

Apart from being ineffective, particularly with German Cockroaches, there’s other shortcomings of cockroach bombs. The biggest one is that they leave toxic residue on your floors and surfaces. These are not areas where cockroaches inhabit but places where humans and pets inhabit.

We often get calls from clients who have already spent $30 – $40 on cockroach bombs only to find they have been unable to eradicate them.

How Sunshine Coast Pest deals with cockroaches

We first determine the infestation species and from that we know where to look for them and what action to take. We’ll lay gel bait traps in the appropriate places so we can destroy their nest. If they are German Cockroaches we will book a second visit because they can’t be eradicated in just one visit.

Call a pest control expert

You might be able to get rid of all the main species (except German Cockroaches) on your own, depending on how bad the infestation is. In our experience you’ll need an expert to rid your home of German Cockroaches.

If you have a cockroach infestation and don’t want outlay money on cockroach bombs with no guarantee they’ll work, or you just want a professional to come in and eradicate them, contact us at Sunshine Coast Pest either by phone, or fill out our Quote Request Form.