The Best Time to Apply Annual Pest Spray Services

The Best Time to Apply Annual Pest Spray Services

Pest infestation increases with temperatures increase to breed or wake up from inactivity. You might be wondering when you will see pests as spring is around the corner. Or you may have already seen some of its signs!

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We, professional exterminators, offer you good news to terminate them from your home. And that is by applying annual pest spray. But when is the correct time to have your home sprayed? Should you do it in spring or wait until summer? In this passage, let us tell you the best time to apply annual pest spray.

Ideal Season for Annual Pest Spray Treatments

According to our experience spring season is the best time to have your home sprayed. Doing so gives you the opportunity to diminish them when the numbers are low.

We, professionals, focus on getting positive results on the first shot. If you wait until they overtake your home, we will have to work more in controlling the infestations. Therefore, we say it is never too late to spray pests.

Our specialized pest control services use effective ingredients, equipment, and techniques to terminate pests and infestations.

How Often You Spray Your Home 

The most asked question we get from customers is how often should a home be sprayed. And the answer is as long as you have no new infestations, annual treatment is best.

We focus on keeping your pest numbers comparably low and allow you to enjoy it year-round.

Point to be noted, if you notice the new increase, call us to check things out. Situations like this often need another treatment so, feel free to contact professionals. Annual pest spray covers all bugs, but we always try to eradicate them within one shot.

Why You Should Hire Professional Exterminators

Following are the reasons,

  • Saves You Time

You have a busy life and DIY pest spraying is tiresome and time-consuming. Therefore if you hire professionals, you can spend less time worrying about this.

  • Education

We pest control technicians have knowledge and education regarding this field. We know the habits and where pests typically infest. And if you ever have questions regarding pest infestation and treatment, we can answer them.

Each pest responds to specific treatments and sprays chemicals. And we understand and know the methods to treat each of them.


Hopefully, this blog has informed you about the annual pest spray and the correct time. If still confused, look at our social media pages or blogs.

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