The Annual Pest Treatment Service Calendar For 2022

The Annual Pest Treatment Service Calendar For 2022

Did you know that pests and rodents experience migratory issues? Every season, the insects change their behavioral pattern the same way as beings do! And, the festive season is coming – you want to ensure that your home is free of insects and pests for New Year.

The trick is learning to foresee what and when they’ll do everything. Luckily, you can plan for this. You can select an annual pest treatment in Marcus Beach. Our experts will help you learn the behavior of annoying critters.

Select The Annual Pest Treatment Services In Marcus Beach

New Year is coming, and you might have been having guests coming over to your home. If you don’t keep your room welcoming, it will ruin the mood. And, while enlisting your name for annual pest services, you won’t have to stress before New Year.

Follow this calendar to understand how to keep the pests away from your home:

1. January

In Marcus Beach, January is the hottest month of the year, and rodents might cause issues during this period. It’s recommended to seal the holes and other entry points.

2. February

Cockroaches are the biggest concern of this month. Therefore, you should hire professional annual pest treatment in Marcus Beach for the best.

3. March

Termites, sugar ants, and spiders represent the greatest danger in March. Fortunately, we are here to help you.

4. April

Carpenter and sugar ants are the two greatest worries. You might also like to keep the food in your refrigerator and pans.

5. May

It’s autumn, and you should spray your yard and garden with pesticides or consider us to apply pesticides at your home.

6. June

During this month, you would experience fleas. And protect yourself and your pests by mowing your yard and trimming the shrubs.

7. July

It’s the season of wasps, bees, and other flying insects with stingers. Avoid leaving sugary foods to avoid them.

8. August

Stay aware of the mosquitos. The annual pest spray service might help to get rid of the issue.

9. September

Spring is here, so are the House Centipedes. You will see people talking about this on Facebook.

10. October

The spiders are back!! We can help you prevent the issue.

11. November

Get rid of flies once and for all with our pest control services in November.

12. December

Bed bugs are a terrible issue during December. Hire the team of Sunshine Coast Pest to get the best annual treatment in 2022.

You can schedule an appointment with us or contact us if you want to know more about our annual pest treatment in Marcus Beach today!

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