Prepare Your Home before Hiring Pest Spray in Cooroy!

Prepare Your Home before Hiring Pest Spray in Cooroy!

As you know, unwelcoming insects may wreak havoc on your home or property. But our regular pest control service may help you get this under control. However, you have to consider several things before the exterminator comes. Also, many pest control companies refuse to work in unprepared property. So, if you do not want to get refused, prepare your home before the pest spray in Cooroy. It will help us, the exterminators, to accomplish the task without any hurdles.

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Top 4 Preparing Tips You Need to Follow before Having Pest Spray

In this blog, we have compiled the most needed preparations. Before having pest control treatment, look at these considerations. So, here you go!

Note Where You Have Seen the Pests!

If you write down a list of all the areas of your property infected with notorious pests, it would have been easier for us to detect them and fix the problem as soon as possible. Some pests (especially cockroaches) spend a lot of time in hiding. So if you know their exact residing area, our exterminator can treat the area.

Shift Heavy Furniture and Appliances From The Infected Area

To accomplish the project without any difficulties, we need free access to anywhere where pests reside. In this case, it is wise to shift heavy furniture and appliances from the infected place and clean the entire area. Make sure your belongings are at least three feet away from the wall. So we can check it properly.

Put All Food Items Away!

Pest Spray in Cooroy includes several chemical solvents that may toxicate the place for a while to kill the stubborn pests from the roots. In this case, putting your food items uncovered near the treated area is dangerous. So, make sure all the used items get covered and keep the food items away from the space.

Let your Neighbors Know!

It is wise to inform your neighbors about the pest control treatment you will have. Your close neighbors must take precautions while you are having this treatment. Follow our Twitter for the latest updates.


So, hopefully, now you have understood how to prepare your home before having professional pest spray in Cooroy. If you want to know more about our services, visit the Pinterest page to see previously done projects. And feel free to contact us directly. You can also read our other blogs to get more info.


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