Little Known Facts on White Ants You Must Explore!

Little Known Facts on White Ants You Must Explore!

People in Caloundra always share their problems caused by pest infestation. And you cannot forget the white ants in Caloundra while talking about one of the most invasive and notorious household pests. However, do you live with pests in the same home and not know much about them? Then, read this blog.

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Understanding the facts about white ants, also known as termites, will help you deal with them and prevent the chances of any infestation or other problems. So, stick to it till the end to explore the unknown facts about white ants or termites.

What is White Ant Season?

Though you can find these termites every time of the year, the swarming season or white ant season often takes place in the warmer months. Generally, the subterranean white ants grow more active during the spring and summer, whereas dry wood species swarm in late summer. You probably do not know that swarming happens when a white ant nest gets overpopulated.

How Do They Look?

Do you know Australia has 300 species of termites? But, two of them (subterranean termites and dry wood termites) are dangerous to property and buildings. They follow a caste system to make colonies have different-looking termites.

In the colony of white ants in Caloundra, you will find the workers who eat through the walls and furniture. Though they look similar to black ants, you can distinguish them by their lighter colour.

Soldiers have a mandible to protect themselves from predators and are slightly larger. Winged reproductive termites, also known as “swarmers or alates,” come out after rainfall to search for new food sources and start a colony. You can also recognise them through their equal lengthed wings and straight antennae.

The king and queen termites are the pivotal castes. They reproduce and get carefully protected deep inside the colony. Remember, killing the queen means destroying the colony unless another queen gets reinstated. Click on our Pinterest to view how they look.

How the Termites Enter Houses?

Everyone knows about the mischievousness of these pests. The most common access points they use to enter a house include:

  • Cracks
  • Vents
  • Steps
  • Downpipes
  • Windows
  • Porches/alfresco areas
  • Ramps, etc.

Wrapping Up!

We have already helped hundreds of Aussies take strict steps to save their property from the dangerous white ants in Caloundra. Start this process by giving us a call and expressing your problem. Our professionals will be there in your place to offer you the best solution. Stay in touch with our Twitter page for daily updates!


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