How are Termites Different from Ants? Explore the Answer!

How are Termites Different from Ants? Explore the Answer!

Generally, ants and termites look very much similar. And it is why many people mistakenly overlook termites, thinking of them as ordinary ants. Like the ants, termites live in colonies with a queen and king, workers, a reproductive class, and soldiers. However, termites in Sunshine Coast can damage residential and commercial property.

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Though they look tiny and insignificant, their activities will drive you crazy. Differentiating them from ants is a must, or you may hire our termite inspection service to understand the current condition of your place. Also, revealing the truth will help you and the professional to use the correct methods to fix this problem. You may also visit our Twitter page to collect more info on different pests and insects.

The Ways to Distinguish if You Are Dealing With Ants or Termites

Take a look at the following features:

Body Shape

Ants possess a body with a narrowing waist, whereas termites have a thick and rectangular-shaped body. Unlike ants, they do not have a pinched or constricted waist. And it is one of the most visible differences.


Having a little research, you will know that ants have segmented antennae which can get elbowed or bent. But on the other hand, termites have straight and shorter antennae with beads that look like a chain of pearls.


Seeing the wings of the ants and termites in Sunshine Coast can easily show you the difference. Ants have two pairs of wings of different sizes, and the termites consist of wings much longer in proportion to their bodies.


Ants have compound eyes with low-resolution imagery. But some termites do not have eyes and spend their lives underground in the darkness. However, swarming termites comprise eyes but poor vision!


You will find the ants generally above the ground in the food search. Ants can eat multiple things except for wood. Though carpenter ants tunnel through wooden accessories, they do not eat wood. But, wood is the prime source of food for termites. Also, they do not like to come outside and live in their nests or mud tubes. Visit our Pinterest page to know more!

In a Nutshell

Contacting our professional exterminators will help you find the trace of termites in Sunshine Coast. We have years of experience and skills to deal with local pest problems efficiently. So, when you need your help, feel free to give us a call or leave a comment below!

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