5 Signs You Need To Call a Pest Control Company Immediately!

5 Signs You Need To Call a Pest Control Company Immediately!

Do you think a clean house is pest-free? Not necessarily! Pests and termites lurk in the darkness only to come out at night to spread diseases. They will leave marks giving the full proof of their existence in your house. So, before you call a pest control company, it is essential to know some crucial signs of a bug’s existence. Read on to know the signs and the red flags to check the termites.

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Signs to Check before Calling a Pest Control Company

If you think it’s easy to catch the blood-sucking termites and throw them from the house, no, it’s not. Read on the types of signs that tell the possibility of termites at home.

1. Look at the Droppings

If you find droppings or feces at your home like kitchens, basements, or places that are less used, then it is a sure sign that the house is pest-infested. Termites, bugs, and cockroaches love to hang out in these places and will often leave the physical signals of their visit.

2. Damaged Fabric

Check the sofa arms, rugs, or mattresses; if you found holes, stains, or smears, then be sure it is none other than pests and termites. Termites are likely to damage the soft fabrics for invading the furniture.

3. Queer Smells

A clean house with a queer and pungent smell is a sign that the termites have gone too far with the damage and that it’s time to call a pest control company for the removal of the pest. The strange smell may come from the dead, decaying insects, the rotten food, and the damaged furniture.

4. Dirty Surfaces

If the floors and the walls look filthy and grimy, even after cleaning it, is a major sign of pest infestation. When the bugs crawl on the surface, they leave grease and traces of dirt. These areas may look dirty even if you clean them constantly.

5. Awkward Noise

Scratching or squeaking noises coming from the attic at night is a sign of bugs at work. The sounds like flapping, whining, squeaking are signs of their existence at home.

Termites and bugs are a threat to health and checking their existence at home are crucial. The signs to check the termites will help you track their nests and give you the confidence to call a pest control company. It is best to take professional help for pest removal and control.

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